Making something out of nothing: Earring/ Brooch Holder

I love to take things that I have lying around and make something else out of them. That is exactly what I did when I made this Earring/Brooch Holder. I had a ton of earrings laying in a pile (which of course means I was wearing the same pair over and over because I didn’t feel like digging through the pile) and needed some way to display them, along with my vintage brooch collection.

I took a  free standing floor picture frame that was hanging out at my house and nailed burlap to the back of it with upholstery tacks (which I had leftover from a wooden bottom purse project I did a couple of years ago). The only thing I had to purchase for this project was the burlap which happened to be on sale for a $1 a yard at Hobby Lobby. So the total for this much neded project was $2.12.


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2 Responses to “Making something out of nothing: Earring/ Brooch Holder”

  1. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    What a great idea!!!!! I want one now.

  2. Frugal Garden Slow Waterer « Littlefrugalista's Blog Says:

    […] set out to think of something to cover the Apple Juice Bottle with. That is when I remembered the Earring/Brooch Holder I had made from a picture frame and the fact that I had leftover Burlap from that […]

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