Make your own Foaming Soap

To make your own Dish Foaming Soap (like Dawn Direct Foam) you will need:

A Dawn Direct Foam Pump Dispenser

Regular Dish Washing Liquid of your choice (I use Ajax because it’s cheap)

To fill your Dispenser place 4 Tablespoons of Dish liquid inside and then fill with tap water to the “Fill to here” line. Replace pump and screw on. Shake to mix the soap and water.

This trick has saved me a TON on dish liquid. I was using a full bottle of regular dish liquid about every 2 weeks. With this little trick I go through a bottle every 8-9 months of so.

You can also do this with foaming handsoap. The dispensers can be purchased about anywhere.

I use a Dial Complete Handfoam dispenser:

and fill it with Equate Handsoap (because yes again, it’s cheap)

Do the exact same trick, fill with 4 TBSP of soap and fill to line with water.

Hope this little tip saves you as much as it has me 🙂


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