More random things I’ve made (Jewelry)

Here are a few more random projects I’ve done over the past couple of years.

My plan for upcoming projects is to take “How To” pictures. For now though ,hopefully, you will get inspiration from the ideas.

Pendant I made out of Beach Glass my sister brought me back from Barbados. I saw the tutorial somewhere online how to bend wire to create this setting for it. It is basically 4 wires bent this way and that to create the housing and embellishments.

I am the queen of remaking junk so when I walked into my mom’s house and she asked me if I could do anything with this owl, I excitedly told her yes! It was broken and it’s tail was not attached to it. A few of my jewelry making supplies reattached the tail and created a loop to hang it on.

I was in the Christmas Spirit this year and decided to create this bracelet to give to my sister. It is a formed bracelet (thanks again mom 🙂 ) wrapped in grosgrain ribbon. I created the fabric flower after seeing a tutorial online.

My daughter likes to call this Bracelet the “Anti-Amish Bracelet” because it is made completely out of buttons from my stash. I cut all of the buttons off of clothing we no longer wear (and let me tell you we wear clothes until they have holes in them so donating them to Goodwill is not an option) because those little bad boys are expensive when you buy them by themselves. I then cut the cloth up and make rags. I use the rags for things that I would normally use paper towels for. We also use reusable rags and napkins but there are somethings you just don’t want to put in your washing machine (ie. Cat puke, bacon grease, yuck and you get the idea lol).

The base of this bracelet I found at a local discount store marked down for a $1. I had to remove a few trinkets that came on it to be able to put the buttons on.


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One Response to “More random things I’ve made (Jewelry)”

  1. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    I love this jewelery! You really could make more and sell it. Who knows….you might be featured on QVC!!!!!
    Keep using and showing your wonderful God given creativity, LF.

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