The dreaded Lunchbox

Does anyone in the world hate to pack lunchboxes as much as I do? I’m guessing no. I do it though because not only does it save money but also my kids and husband eat healthier because of it.

I find on occasion I need a little inspiration in the area and occasionally I surf the web for new ideas. I plan to post  ideas for and actual pictures of lunches I’ve packed in hopes that I inspire you in this chore.

Our kids (and husbands) are constantly bombarded with advertising that makes them want to eat junk food. My goal is to create just as much fun with healthy foods. So you may look at some of the lunches I pack and think “Wow that lady has just go way too much time on her hands”  (been there, bought the T-shirt and thought the exact same things about others) but to me taking that few extra minutes to make lunch fun = more nutrition going into my loved ones.

So without further ado, here are a few of my recent lunch packing endeavors…

Turkey Wrap, Cut Pear, Goldfish and Homemade Double Doozie (recipe to come)

Edamame (my son doesn’t like meat very much, this helps with his protein consumption), String Cheese, Goldfish, Cut Pear, Homemade Double Doozie

Shapes Fruit Salad (Cut the fruit into thin slices and cut with small cookie cutters)

Shapes Fruit Salad, Honey Braided Pretzels, Cashews

Random Tip: To keep cut fruit from turning brown brush with Citric Acid (or if you live in the sticks ,aka small town America where NO ONE knows what citric acid is and looks at you like you have 2 heads when you ask for it in the store, brush with Apple or Orange Juice which contains citric acid)


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