Saving Money with a St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

My kids love peas. I love to see them eat them straight from the vine. Nothing completes my summer quite like watching Little Miss and Little Dude running in the sprinkler then stopping for a small break to run over to the raised garden and getting a handful of homegrown peas. They like to clean them off in the sprinkler and eat them while they play.

Every St. Patrick’s Day we plant the pea seeds. Peas love colder weather so St. Patricks Day is the perfect day to start them, at least here in the Northeastern United States.`The only thing you really need to know about planting peas is… create rows and sow (plant) them 2″ apart within those rows. Cover them with dirt and wait for them to grow. Just make sure there is enough space between your rows for your pea plants to fully expand. Because it is so wet this time of year there really is no maitenance or upkeep needed. They couldn’t be an easier crop.

If you don’t have a place in the ground to plant peas, plant them in a container. Just make sure to keep them moist because container plants dry out faster then ones planted in the ground.

Our first row in our raised bed…

As you can see from the picture below I paid $1 for this whole pack of seeds and there were enough seeds in the package to do about 3 rows of peas that are 5 feet long.  It doesn’t take a frugal genius to figure out that is a HUGE return on a $1 investment.

We plant a second set of peas when summer is about to end and fall is approaching because once again they like the cool, wet weather.

While we were digging in the garden we discovered that the garlic Quiltie had put in there last fall had sprouted 🙂 Just thought I’d add a picture of it since we were so excited to see it….


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One Response to “Saving Money with a St. Patrick’s Day Tradition”

  1. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    I love your pea planting tradition. And, love the facts that Little Miss and Little Dude eat them right off the vines!

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