Meal Plan Week of March 22

My mom (TrailerParkBarbie) gave me a Turkey last week that had been hanging out in her freezer since Christmas. So you will see lots of Turkey on this list. I will freeze any meat left over after these three meals  and will make broth from the carcass to freeze.

Sunday Meals have to be something I can cook all night and morning in the slow cooker or something that can be whipped up fast. Mr. Frugalista and the kids are starving after church so waiting is not an option, otherwise they shove junk food in their mouths. Also not to mention Sunday is a VERY busy day for us. Mr. Frugalista and I usually eat, take turns going for a run and then prepare for the next week (for me that means going grocery shopping and getting food ready for the next week).  So usually it’s a homemade soup with sandwiches which is way easy. Trailerpark Barbie and Trailerpark Ken (aka mom and dad) come for lunch too.

I would love any ideas you have on quick meals for after church that are no muss,no fuss.

March 22 Meal Plan:

Monday-Steaks (Rocky),Green Beans,Baked Potatoes

Tuesday-Meatloaf Sandwiches,Homemade Mozarella Sticks,Sweet Potatoes (we didn’t eat it last week)

Wednesday-Turkey,Green Beans,Mashed Potatoes,Yeast Rolls

Thursday-Creamy Chicken,Peas,Rice

Friday-Turkey and Dumplings,Green Beans,Corn on the Cob

Saturday-Breakfast (didn’t eat it last week)

Sunday-Turkey Taco Soup,Grilled Cheese, Tortilla Chips

Lunches will be the usual. Which I posted last week. Same goes for Breakfast. The only difference that I can think of is that I made 8 side salads to keep in the fridge,in reusable containers for us to eat quick this week.



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