Useful Easter Basket Ideas

Don’t you just hate the myriad of things that our kids drag into our house that basically just take up space, aka clutter? It seems there are two times a year that I especially have to fight the clutter epidemic, Christmas and Easter. One of the solutions I have come up with is for the kids to ask Santa and The Easter Bunny for things that are fun but also useful (no their baskets are not stuffed with cleaning supplies and canned goods lol).

Below is a list of some of the Useful things my kids ask to receive in their Easter Baskets. We try to keep candy to a minimum (that is a whole other post though 🙂 )

Lots of these suggestions can be found at your local Dollar Store which will also save you money. Hopefully these will give you a few ideas:


Character Pencils or Pens to take to School

Markers or Crayons to take to School (by this time of year they usually need new ones at school anyway)

Character Bandaids (Little Dude loves to play Dr.)


Cool Lunchboxes

Good Smelling Lotions,Shampoos,Conditioners,Hand Sanitizer (For Little Miss, bought at the HUGE after Christmas Sale at Bath and Body Works)

Bath Fizzies

Bubble Bath

Character Socks

Character or Pretty Notebooks

Pencil Boxes


Freezer Boo Boo Buddies (there are some really cute ones of these)

Books (Little Miss is a HUGE reader)

Seeds to plant

Starter plants (start the seeds yourself in little mulch pots / smaller kids may enjoy this more then seeds since they can see the plant starts)

Garden Tools

Garden Gloves

Reusable Water Bottles

Cool Plates, Bowls or Cups (Character,Pretty or Cool Print etc..)






Character Underwear

Pretty or Cool Hairbrushes and Combs

Freezer Pops to put in the Freezer (to usher in Summer)


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