Homemade Easy Refried Beans

Anyone who read my Meal Plan for the week saw that I had Pinto Beans for one night and Taco Dip for another night. I make my Refried Beans that I put in the Taco Dip when I make a big batch of Pinto Beans. You can see from the picture above that we eat them in other things as well, in fact that Quesadilla pictured above  is one of Little Miss’s favorite snacks.

Not only is it WAY cheaper to make your own refried beans rather then buy the cans in the store but I also like knowing exactly what is in them since I cooked them.

I have used lots of Recipes to make Refried Beans and by far this is the easiest method. This “recipe” is like alot of the ones I’ve posted and is a general direction since I tend to not measure things.

Easy Refried Beans

1.Soak your Pintos overnight in water with a smidge of Baking Soda to help remove the gas. I soak enough to have for dinner the next night AND make refried beans but you could soak just the amount you want for refried beans.

2.In the morning rinse your beans with fresh water in a strainer.

3.Place the desired amount you want to turn into Refried Beans into a pot and cover with water (I put the rest of the Beans into the Crockpot for Pinto Bean Soup but I’ll save that for a later post)

4.Cook on Medium Heat for 2 or 3 hours making sure to replace any water that is lost due to boiling.

5.When the beans appear soft enough to mash with a hand potato masher add seasonings. I use Onion Powder,Salt,Pepper and a little Garlic Powder but you can tailor your seasonings to your taste.

6.Add Butter Flavored Shortening so that the Refried Beans will come out smooth (you are looking at aroung 1TBSP of shortening for 4 cups of pinto beans)

7.Mash with a Potato Masher over Medium heat until enough liquid has evaporated to desired consistency

And that’s it 🙂 You can put them in the fridge to serve over the next couple of days or portion them out and freeze for later use.

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask away in the Comments section.




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