A Free Spring Table Arrangement

My pastor’s wife,Leslie, shared these pictures with me of centerpieces she’s made from her Forsythia Bush this Spring and they were too pretty not to share.

If you’ve never grown Forsythia you just can’t kill it. In fact my uncle gave my mother some starts which basically consisted of 15 sticks cut from his bush. She forgot she had them on her front porch, left them for a week and upon remembering she stuck them in the ground with a jab and no tools. They not only survived but thrived. So no need to worry about harming the bush when taking clippings.

Forsythia is one of my favorite plants because it is one of the first to bloom here during spring. It turns yellow around the time that the tulips poke their heads out. So viewing it to me is like a promise that winter is almost over and spring is here. It almost instantly lifts my spirits when I  look at it. That is why I placed our Forsythia Bush right outside my kitchen window  above my sink which is where I spend lots of time doing dishes 😉

The tip I was given about the centerpieces above is that when using a large container, especially an older one that may contain cracks, place clippings in a small jar of water and then set the jar inside the pitcher. A small recycled jelly jar would be great for this purpose.

View of my Forsythia Bush from my Kitchen Window….


Little Frugalista


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2 Responses to “A Free Spring Table Arrangement”

  1. Trena Says:

    Hello, I was given the link to your blog from Serena, and I am so glad she did!

    I will be reading this and using these great tips! Thanks.

    • littlefrugalista Says:

      Serena is wonderful 🙂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far. I have tons more to blog about but as you know, with kids, finding time is an issue. I try to publish 4-5 enteries a week depending on what’s going on.

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