Lunchbox Idea: Baked Potato

Most of the lunch ideas I share are not hard. They usually inspire a “Why didn’t I think of that?” comment. Another great lunch idea on that list…. Cooked Baked Potato with toppings

Little Miss likes Baked Potatoes with just butter but you could send any of the toppings that you enjoy on the side (sour cream,cheese,butter,chili, etc…)

I wash and scrub the Potato with a vegetable scrubber to make sure it’s clean. Then I cook the Potato for 6 minutes in the microwave or until done and then place in a reusable container, in the fridge the night before. When Little Miss has lunch at school she heats the Potato up (30-60 seconds) and then tops it with her butter.

For some reason the butter in the picture below looks HUGE. The container only had 1 TBSP of butter and I’m sure because I measured it. Just didn’t want you to think we were clogging Little Miss’s arteries 😀

*Nutrition Note: Since Jamie Oliver is filming his Food Revolution VERY close to where I live I thought I would add that this meal option only has 200 calories and TONS of great vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. Not all of us who live around his filming area eat as he’s portraying  😉

Easy,money saving and nutritious 😉

Little Frugalista


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