Saving Little Dude’s Zhu Zhu Pet from Water Death :-D

Today is Little Dude’s 4th Birthday and one of the presents he received over the weekend was a Zhu Zhu Pet. I however found him on Sunday trying to be a good pet owner, washing his pet because he said he got yogurt on it. If you know anything at all about Zhu Zhu pets you know that they are electronic and that water is something you don’t want anywhere near them.

As expected Moo Moo began to malfunction and then pretty much all out gave up the ghost. Little Dude cried of course because it had been one of his favorite gifts. That is when I devised a plan to save Moo Moo 😉

Calling upon a tidbit of info. Mr. Frugalista remembered about Saving a Wet Cell Phone  I pulled out a bag of rice and a baggie. I took a screw driver and took Moo Moo apart as much as I was comfortable with, which consisted of removing the wheel box which exposed the batteries and then removed the cover of the wheel box. I took out the batteries and then took a Q-tip, carefully swabbing as much moisture as I could get to out of the parts. *The trick to saving electronics from corrosion is to get the moisture out as fast as possible.*

I then replaced the wheel box cover but left the wheel box out of the pet. I placed the parts in a baggie with about 1 cup of rice to wick moisture away from it.

I left the bag this way for 24 hours. Lo and behold Moo Moo worked after we replaced the batteries and wheel box 🙂

Hopefully this little tidbit will help someone


Little Frugalista


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2 Responses to “Saving Little Dude’s Zhu Zhu Pet from Water Death :-D”

  1. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    Great tip! I’m glad Moo Moo came back to life for Little Dude! Otherwise, you’d have to do a frugal memorial svc for the ZhuZhu!

  2. lck Says:

    Great Tip! I successfully recover my son’s Zhu Zhu Pet with your method. I don’t have too much expect at first, but it acturally works!

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