Cartoon Vegetables

I have officially been sharing my Frugal Advice with the world via this blog now for 4 months. After these 4 months one question has been first and foremost on my mind concerning this blog… What in the heck are all of you doing with Cartoon Vegetable Pictures? A couple of months ago I posted my recipe for Leftover Vegetable Soup and at the top of the post I inserted this cute little picture…

 This picture has drawn in THOUSANDS of people. My top search term consistently every day is also various cartoon vegetable terms in all of their forms and misspelling. Just a as an example from the past 2 days…



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Feel free to use the picture. Heck in fact I sniped it from another site. What I want to know is… What is everyone doing with a picture of cartoon vegetables?


Little Frugalista


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4 Responses to “Cartoon Vegetables”

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  2. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    LF…not sure what those people are doing with cartoon vegetables. However, am pretty sure what the freaks who search for real vegetables on my blog are doing with THOSE! ewww!
    Search terms never cease to amaze me. Wouldn’t it be great if we could track them back to the searcher and just see who is looking this stuff up?

  3. littlefrugalista Says:

    That goes along with what Mr Little Frugalista said. He said I may not want to know what they are doing with them!

  4. teacherofkids Says:

    I’m using it for a weekly letter in my Kindergarten class.

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