Saving Money on Father’s Day/ Free Kids Summer Activity

I began this posts, as I usually do with pictures of things I/we had created (see below). My next step is usually to link to a former post of mine that talks about the creation or whatever related topic. In doing this I noticed a HUGE oversight on my part. I forgot to share this cheap little tid bit….

Looking for something to do with your bored kids this summer? Lowes offers a free workshop, usually every second and fourth Saturday of the month called Lowes Build and Grow Workshops. At 10 am on those mornings they offer neat projects that both girls and boys will enjoy. If you are interested HERE  are the next 2 projects that will be offered.

 If you don’t have a Lowes near you check out Home Depot\’s Kids Workshops. Though I don’t have a Home Depot near me to know personally, I am told the workshops are very similar. It would be worth calling about to find out.

All of the Workshops are totally free, including the materials and I can tell you from experience that Lowes provides the first 50 kids at each workshop free Work Aprons and Goggles. They use the kid size hammers in the picture below but do not send them home with the kids…

The little clear pocket at the top of the apron is where they make cards to put your child’s name on the apron.

June 10ths Workshop was a Picture Frame. The kids got to choose whether they wanted their frame to be up and down (portrait) or sideways (landscape). They started out looking like this….

Never missing the opportunity for an inexpensive gift we decided to alter these into Father’s Day gifts. I am a huge fan of paint and already had the perfect .99 can of Blue on Hand from another project we had done (Primitive Signs/ It’s amazing to me what people will pay for words painted on a piece of cheap wood but I guess I’m off topic).

After spray painting both of the frames and letting them dry we ran to our local Hobby Lobby where we purchased 2 things that happened to be on sale… 3-D Scrapbook stickers and 2 pieces of scrapbook paper. Total cost for this project ended up being $2.20 plus tax.

Each of the frames came with a cardboard insert and we covered both sides of the insert with the scrapbook paper which we cut to size and then glued onto the card board. After that dried the kids placed the stickers on the frame and onto one whole side of the insert. The other side of the insert we glued a picture to with Non-acid Scrapbook Glue which I also had on hand.

Now anyone who knows Mr. Frugalista will tell you that he is a huge fan of Hunting and Fishing. So Little Dude chose a Fishing Theme for his Frame. I will tell you my child is not usually solid blue. On the day of this picture he decided to color his whole head from the shoulders up blue with sidewalk chalk that had gotten rained on…. 


Little Miss chose a Hunting Theme. Yes I realize that it is funny that I have placed a disguise on her face to match my blog header and that there is a shotgun above her head and bullets at the bottom but hey it’s his thing. lol Feel free to borrow the picture as many have borrowed my Veggie Cartoon picture as I Wrote a Post On. I would however love to know why you are borrowing it because I can laugh with the best of them ;)….

You could have tailored these to any interest and I can tell you my kids LOVED making them. So it killed 2 birds with one stone, entertaining my kids for a few hours and creating an inexpensive Father’s Day Gift.;)


Little Frugalista


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3 Responses to “Saving Money on Father’s Day/ Free Kids Summer Activity”

  1. trailerparkbarbie Says:

    You are the Queen of Cheap! And, I absolutely love the pics of Little Miss and Little Dude. They look more like Mr. Frugalista everyday! (except they have more facial hair…lol).

  2. Lowes Free Kids Build and Grow Workshops/ Our Frugal Father's Day Gift - Frugal Village Forums Says:

    […] […]

  3. The Vinyl Villager Says:

    Ya know what I like best about the Lowes idea…is that the kids will remember doing that and making those forever! Its a great family activity as well as a cheap gift!

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