Welcome to my little corner of the Web

Hello all and welcome to my little corner of  the Web.  I’m pretty sure all of my Facebook friends are tired of my daily posts on frugality and home cookin’ so I’ve come here to post to my hearts content.

I’ve always been a saver since I was a little girl. I can remember being around 8 or 9 years old and my mom and dad going on a trip where they left me and my sister with my aunt and uncle. They also left us a little bit of spending money to do with whatever we wanted. I can still remember my aunt showing everyone that we came across that I had a notebook I kept in my little pink purse where I wrote down everything I’d bought, along with the price so that I knew exactly where my money went.

Flash forward twenty or so years and here I am at 30 something, a K-12 Music Teacher with a husband, two children and living in small town USA. I’m still pinching pennies just the same as ever but now it serves a greater purpose. My goal in saving is that hopefully my husband will not have to work as hard, getting to enjoy life more but also to teach my two kids that there is joy in a simple life, as well as great peace in the little things that it brings.

My number one frugal and free past time is to laugh. I was taught by my mother that there isn’t much ,no matter how bad, that we can’t laugh at. So I’m hoping in the process of talking about saving money and showing you things I’ve created, that I get a chuckle or two out of you.

Thanks for coming to visit me and I’m hoping  you enjoy all that you find here



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