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Save Money By Using Reusable Everyday Items

March 26, 2010

When most people think of savings they automatically think of things that are intended to save you hundreds of dollars. Now I’m defiantly not against that amount of savings, however most of the spending we do is on a much smaller level such as weekly food purchases etc… I am of the mind that little savings here and there add up to huge amounts. Think about the change jar that you may have kept and how fast those coins added up to something big ( ,the kids and I once took a beach vacation on change jar money. Imagine the surprise of the lady at the front desk of our hotel when I paid for our weeks room in Quarters lol).

There are tons of things we do on a daily basis to save money. I plan to share all of them here in my blog. To start off ,here are three off the top of my head. You will have to keep visiting to read about the rest 😉

We use Reusable containers in lunches instead of baggies. Now for those of you that are hardcore frugal you can actually wash baggies (as long as they haven’t had meat in them) but I just don’t have the space to dry them on my counter and not even really sure if I’d want to . If you do decided you want to AND have the space a baby bottle drying rack is excellent for this purpose.

You will see Reusable Containers pictured in my lunchbox-ideas section.

I hardly ever purchase Plastic Wrap. I consider it a waste of money. If I do not have a Reusable Container that fits what I’m going to store OR if I’m putting a plate in the fridge I use Reusable Bowl Covers which not only will cover Bowls as the name says but also plates. These can be purchased about anywhere from The Dollar Tree to online kitchen specialty stores. I purchased mine at CVS at 90% off in an after summer clearance. I just wash them in my sink with soap and hot water. I lay them out to dry in my kitchen strainer.

We use a Reusable Coffee Filter. We were lucky that the little cheapie Coffee Maker I bought came with a reusable basket. If your coffee pot did not, here is a link Mr. Quiltie sent me telling you how to make one:


Hopefully these tips will save you a little cash. Make sure to keep checking back for other Reusable Savings Tips 😉