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Frugal Garden Slow Waterer

June 21, 2010

My favorite style of Gardening is anything I can get and/or make for free so of course I was thrilled when Quiltie asked me if I’d like to dig up some of her Brown Eyed Susans and Daisies to place in my own yard. I’m pretty sure my Gardening and Frugal Lifestyle roots from my Grandmother who used to say “My name is Jimmy. I’ll take whatcha Give Me!” (Guess she couldn’t come up with anything to rhyme with Ellen since that was her actual name) On a total tangent…. Visiting with friends one day they commented on their “Cottage Style”  of decoration for their home. Upon asking me what my Gardening and Household Style was I replied “Jimmy”. They thought it was some sort of Middle Eastern Feng Shui thing until I relayed the saying above to them.

I dug up 2 large clumps of the Free Flowers to place on the corner of my property where 2 Pompous Grasses I had placed last year had died. I placed them in those holes and prayed they would fare better then the grass had.

Last week however I noticed that they were beginning to wilt and therefore I had to start watering them. After a few days of taking the time to water them I got a little tired of the chore. I was wishing that I had a couple of Aquaglobes to place at each plant to keep them watered.

Well being as cheap as I am I set out to create a cheap Slow Waterer from things that I already had on hand.

See look how wilted they are looking behind the Waterer!

Little Dude is a HUGE juice drinker and goes through a 64 ounce bottle of Walmart Apple Juice every week. I just happened to have an empty bottle he had finished on hand so I decided to create the Slow Waterer from that.

I had read more then once about people making Waterers from Milk Jugs. They had punched very small holes in the bottom of the jugs, placed them beside their plants and filled them with water. This allowed the plant to be watered slowly at the root as God had intended.

I decided that this was a great idea, however I was failry sure my neighbors wouldn’t want to stare at milk jugs every time they were out in their front yard. So I set out to think of something to cover the Apple Juice Bottle with. That is when I remembered the Earring/Brooch Holder I had made from a picture frame and the fact that I had leftover Burlap from that Project.

So I set out to cover the Container with Burlap after I had punched 2 tiny little holes in the bottom with a knife…

I used Floral Wire ,which I always keep on hand because it is soooo handy, to create a loose stitch on the edge of the Fabric…

I pulled the Fabric so that it bunched and hooked it around the top of the bottle. I then took the Floral Wire and stitched a small spot at the bottom to keep the fabric closed there.

I made sure to cut the fabric off about a 1/2 an inch from the ground so that the water coming from the bottom of the Bottle wouldn’t get soaked into the fabric instead of the ground. I turned the side pictured above towards the plant so that you can’t see it.

Hope this inspires you to use what you have on hand to create what you need in the Garden 🙂


Little Frugalista


A Free Spring Table Arrangement

April 10, 2010

My pastor’s wife,Leslie, shared these pictures with me of centerpieces she’s made from her Forsythia Bush this Spring and they were too pretty not to share.

If you’ve never grown Forsythia you just can’t kill it. In fact my uncle gave my mother some starts which basically consisted of 15 sticks cut from his bush. She forgot she had them on her front porch, left them for a week and upon remembering she stuck them in the ground with a jab and no tools. They not only survived but thrived. So no need to worry about harming the bush when taking clippings.

Forsythia is one of my favorite plants because it is one of the first to bloom here during spring. It turns yellow around the time that the tulips poke their heads out. So viewing it to me is like a promise that winter is almost over and spring is here. It almost instantly lifts my spirits when I  look at it. That is why I placed our Forsythia Bush right outside my kitchen window  above my sink which is where I spend lots of time doing dishes 😉

The tip I was given about the centerpieces above is that when using a large container, especially an older one that may contain cracks, place clippings in a small jar of water and then set the jar inside the pitcher. A small recycled jelly jar would be great for this purpose.

View of my Forsythia Bush from my Kitchen Window….


Little Frugalista

Diet Coke Flower

April 3, 2010

I saw a tutorial online for can flowers and couldn’t resist trying to make them myself. For the life of me I can’t remember where I saw the tutorial but here is my first go at it.

I had everything on hand to make them. It took me 2 Diet Coke cans, craft wire (which I always keep on hand) and a screw/nut combo that was in my junk drawer. So this was a free craft. It is pictured in a pot that Quiltie started coleus seeds in for me and if you look really close you can see their little leaves coming up.

I will say I clearly remember the tutorial calling for gloves and I would HIGHLY recommend those because my “I’ll just be careful because I’m too lazy to grab the gloves from downstairs” ended up with me stabbing myself in the thumb with a screwdriver.

I have tons of ideas for the next ones I make and I will post them along with a few how to pics 🙂



What to do with those Bundt Pans!

March 27, 2010

I am so excited to have run across this idea! A friend posted it on a board I frequent. Now I know what to do with the Bundt Pan I’ve had in my basement for about 5 years and have never used. The huge plus is I already have Basil sprouted on my kitchen counter and just this morning was wondering where I was going to transplant it to 🙂

To view the original posting which has more in depth instructions OR if you have spare time to look for other great ideas this site is FULL of them…. Bundt Pan Planter Instructions