Hobo Dinner

My family loves it when I cook Hobo Dinner and it couldn’t be easier or cheaper to make…

My instructions are for 4 but it wouldn’t be hard to make more or less.

-Lay 4 aluminum foil sheets out

-Put 1tsp olive or canola oil in the center of the foil sheets

-Take 1 pound of ground meat (beef or turkey) and season to taste. I used salt,pepper and BBQ seasoning

-Mix the seasoning into the meat and make 12 balls of meat

-Place 3 Uncooked Meatballs onto each foil sheet

-Dice 4 Medium Potatoes and place onto the 4 foil sheets

-Chop 1 Medium Onion and place in even amounts on the 4 foil sheets

-Finally place 1 ear of frozen corn on the foil sheets

-Salt all 4 foil sheets

They should look like this when you are finished……

Close the Foil sheets up and make Packets. They should look like this….

Place on your grill on Medium or on a cookie sheet in your oven at 400 for about 45 minutes to an hour or until the meatballs are at 165 and the potatoes are tender. They will look like this when they are finished cooking….

Experiment with the seasonings your family enjoy to get the taste exactly like you want.

My kids love the novelty of eating them from th packets and I love that they are super easy to make and clean up 🙂


Little Frugalista


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3 Responses to “Hobo Dinner”

  1. kimmy8989 Says:

    Wow.. look so appetizing. Thanks for sharing.

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    […] Tuesday-Hobo Dinner with Potatoes,Onions and Fresh Corn on the Cob (they had the Corn for .19 an ear at Walmart on Monday) […]

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